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About Us

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Welcome to NosisNews, a leading news organization dedicated to delivering insightful reporting on Bitcoin, web3 and the cryptocurrency sector. With a global newsroom operating on a remote-first basis, our commitment is to exceptional journalism and serving as a reliable filter for industry information.

Our Key Features:

  1. Independence from Compensation and Sponsorships: We stands firm in its dedication to unbiased reporting. We do not accept compensation or sponsorships for any of our content. This ensures that our reporting remains untainted by external influences, allowing us to prioritize the truth and provide you with reliable news.
  2. Exclusivity in Contributions: In our pursuit of journalistic excellence, we does not accept guest contributions. This policy ensures that the content we deliver is carefully curated by our team of experts, maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and relevance.
  3. No Syndication or Re-blogging: we believe in originality. We do not engage in the syndication or re-blogging of content, ensuring that every piece you read on our platform is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  4. Guided by Trust and Integrity: Trust and integrity are at the core of our reporting principles. Our team, including staff and contractors, adheres to strict editorial policies that uphold these values. We take pride in delivering news that you can rely on.
  5. Avoidance of Undisclosed Beneficial Interests: To maintain transparency, NosisNews strictly prohibits writers, staff, and associates from undisclosed beneficial interests in any topic we report on. This commitment ensures that our reporting is driven solely by the pursuit of truth and factual accuracy.
  6. Financial Neutrality: NosisNews is both a news and entertainment publication. We do not provide financial advice or recommend specific actions. Our stance is clear: we never advise readers to buy, hold, or sell any financial instruments. Instead, we encourage our audience to conduct their own research and due diligence.

Our mission is to empower you with accurate and unbiased information, allowing you to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies with confidence.

Navigating the Crypto Landscape with Us

Understanding the intricacies of crypto can be challenging, but at NosisNews, we believe it doesn’t have to be. In the midst of the digital money revolution, our mission is to simplify, not complicate; to clarify, not confuse.

Who are we here for? We envision a financial landscape reshaped by crypto, offering opportunities not just to institutions but to individuals like you. The power of financial freedom should be inclusive, breaking free from the confines of Wall Street elites and well-connected insiders. NosisNews is here for you.

Our Purpose

Recognizing the legal chaos in the crypto space, we acknowledge the critical role journalism plays. With global regulators struggling to provide oversight, newsrooms become the industry’s information filters. That’s why our tagline proudly declares: “Informed crypto news.”

Unlike narratives crafted to avoid scrutiny, NosisNews raises the bar for honesty, unapologetically opting out of the spin. We are committed to delivering clear insights, expert opinions, and market-moving information as efficiently as possible.

Clear Distinctions

Our commitment to transparency extends to sponsored or paid media. Any such content is clearly framed as such, ensuring a clear distinction from our editorial offerings. We make no compromises when it comes to maintaining the trust and confidence of our readers.

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